The workshop

Here we show you our workshop, and the process we go through to manufacture your gates

specifically for you.  After we have been out to measure up,  we start by getting the workshop ready.


The first job is to get the JIG table set up for your particular size and design of gates, after a cup of tea, obviously.

Every gate and assembly is different, there is no standard size or design, so the table has to be measured up and set out differently for every gate.

After we set up, we start cutting, bending and forming the Iron, each peace has to be mesured, cut then bent to the correct form.

Once the gates are assembled, then we add any decor piece that you have chosen ( Decals ).



After assembly, its over to the galvanisers to apply the galvanisation  ( if thats what you specified ).

Then over to the spray and paint bay.  Here we put the final finish to your piece in preperation for fitting.  Final inspections are done at this stage to check all welds and fixings.

And finally  we take great care when fitting your order and you get to enjoy years and years of care free operation, knowing that you have a high qualiry product, manufactured  to your specifications